Travel insurance

For a journey to explore the world or for a business trip in an entirely new foreign country, be assured of having travel insurance protect you completely at a very low cost..


Health insurance

Comprehensive family health care with health care and medical care programs, helping you to enjoy life with your family and relatives..


Home insurance

Protect your dear home in case your home and property are lost or damaged by fire or by special risks, public liability insurance and accident for your family members..


Car insurance

Comprehensive protection for your beloved car thanks to a comprehensive car insurance program with physical bodywork wraps insurance, civil liability insurance, accident insurance for people sitting on the car..

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We are the leading Insurtech company in Asia, providing health insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, car insurance.



Insurance Technology - Eroscare is one of the Insurtech companies that apply advanced tehnology in the insurance industry in Vietnam and Asia.



Product design - We understand the market and customer needs to build and design premium products that fit the customer.



Customer Service - Commitment to the quality of customer service is our goal to pursue in order to build a long lasting relationship.

About us !

Perfect team

We are proud of building our team of top insurance professionals in Asia. With years of experience and knowledge in the market, we capture the needs of our customers to rapidly build insurance products with the right insurance coverage. The advantage of using pioneered technology enables Eroscare easily to provide solutions for customers..


Life Insurance 95%
40% Complete (success)
Auto Insurance 100%
20% Complete
Travel Insurance 98%
980% Complete (warning)
Healthcare Insurance 98%
80% Complete (danger)

Technology Pioneering

Cloud data for IOTs

Insurance solution for everyone

People sometime find it difficult to understand insurance benefits or compensation procedures. Eroscare commits to provide an easy and convenient insurance access thanks to our technology solution and professional staff, professional sales service for the customer.

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Take care of you and your family. We are ready to support!

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