Eroscare home insurance

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Protect your dear home in case your home and property are lost or damaged by fire or by special risks, public liability insurance and accident for your family members. .

Key benefits include:

  • Fire, explosion, lightning.
  • Airplanes and other aviation devices and/or objects dropped therefrom.
  • Disruptions, strikes, lockout workers, malicious act.
  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, windstorm, thunderstorms, flood.
  • Water drained from water tanks, apparatus or pipe.
  • Leakage from automatic fire suppression system.
  • Damage by collision.
  • Theft or damage by attempt thereat​​.
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    • Vietnamese citizens or foreigners residing in Vietnam.
    • Have the right to use or own a house, apartment or villa.


    • Include home & property insurance within the same insurance contract.
    • Extensive, practical and flexible benefits.
    • Support for the cost of renting a home after a loss or rental.
    • Compensation under the principle of replacement of a house or similar property.
    Quick, simple compensation procedures.



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Life Insurance 95%
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Auto Insurance 100%
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Travel Insurance 98%
980% Complete (warning)
Healthcare Insurance 98%
80% Complete (danger)

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