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For a journey to explore the world or for a business trip in an entirely new foreign country, be assured of having travel insurance protect you completely at a very low cost.

Eroscare travel insurance offers a solution for individuals, groups and travel companies with extensive benefits and reasonable cost, which is the right choice for customers.

Key benefits include:

  • Personal injury or death globally
  • Individual incident or death in all over the world
  • Medical expenses insurance
  • 24-hour support via the Hotline Support
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Travel cancellation
  • Flight delay
  • Baggage late arrival
  • Travel documents lost
  • Individual liability and legal fees
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Pack a travel insurance that really has your back. Gotravel covers adventurous activities you love, and protects you and your family with over 50 benefits.

Overseas Medical & Hospitalisation Expenses
In addition to $50.000 cover for overseas medical expenses*, we pay out a daily benefit for each day of overseas hospitalisation in an intensive care unit (ICU).

Haze Cover
We protect you from any haze-related flight delays, disruptions, cancellations and postponement.

Terrorism Cover
We cover for losses you suffer due to an unexpected terrorism event while overseas. Cover excludes acts of terrorism using nuclear, chemical and biological weapons or substances.

Unused Entertainment Ticket Cover
Any pre-paid unused entertainment tickets to theme parks, performances, concerts and sports events are reimbursed if they are not used due to death, injury or illness. 

Golfer’s Cover
If you are hitting the green during your trip, we take care of the celebratory drinks when you score a hole-in-one.

*Cover and limits based on Premier Plan.




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